Habib Enterprises

Who We Are at Habib Enterprises

We are a development company based locally in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Created in 2005, our company proudly works to preserve and renew the heritage of our community. We actively undertake revitalization projects to develop and market privately owned spaces for lease or purchase.

Our Vision

Ahsanul Habib, the principal owner of Habib Enterprises, has created a vision for the company and for our community. Through an architect’s perspective, he envisioned the revitalization of Thunder Bay’s historic architecture by reclaiming discarded properties and buildings with heritage value. As a result, our company renovates these historical structures into modernized spaces with renewed residential, commercial or public purpose. Through our association with Habib Architects Inc., we are able to offer you spaces that exhibit our matchless taste in design.

McKellar Place Business Community

McKellar Place Business Community

Location, Location, Location! You will find all of this, plus prestige and convenience for your Business.
McKellar Place Retirement Living

McKellar Place APARTMENT Living

24/7 securited apartments for yourself or a loved one, where "the Residents come first!" www.mckellarplace.ca

Your Opportunities

Our drive is to provide you with the opportunities to invest your needs into modernized functional spaces that are reflective of the local community’s heritage.

We are located on-site of one of our own renovation projects at the MaKellar building, now known as the Habib Place. Become our neighbour here!

The former Fort William Collegiate Institute building will breathe new life as the Heritage Suites Apartments. At Riverdale Gardens, we offer luxurious residential condos in a building once used as a school.

Take advantage of the revitalization movement happening in Thunder Bay’s south core and waterfront. Contact us about opportunities to purchase or lease any of ourresidential, or office/commercial/business space! We are more than willing to discuss developing a property or building to suit your specific ideas and needs.

Habib Enterprises seizes potential and creates opportunity, and with these opportunities, and a vision for the downtown, an exciting future lies ahead!