Habib Enterprises

CIBC Building

What would you do with a preserved building façade? The Canadian (Imperial) Bank of Commerce building was once a heritage building located in Fort Williamís old historic downtown. In 2007, it tragically burned down, leaving behind a beautifully sculpted front that Habib Enterprises was able to rescue. Now known as the Façade building on Victoria Avenue, this street-side façade is irreplaceable and too beautiful to destroy.

The façade, of four impressive columns in the Classical Revival style, remains ready for a new interpretation. What would you envision as the perfect use for this façade?

Would you build onto this façade? This beautifully preserved façade, located in a pocket between two adjacent buildings, provides the perfect opportunity to build new, but incorporate an old façade into the design.

Would you prefer to see this façade remain standing alone? Perhaps a better use for this façade would be to program uses around it. An urban park could be created in the core of this historic downtown neighbourhood. The façade may be the perfect backdrop for an outdoor performance stage or theatre.

We view this project as a wonderful opportunity to develop in a way that both utilizes this historical façade and suits your needs. Please contact us, as we are more than happy to discussion ideas with you.