Habib Enterprises

McKellar Place Business Community

Welcome to the prestigious multi-use complex of McKellar Place. Here, our new business community is suitable for any type of professional office. We offer you a prime location with flexibility to design and create your ideal working environment. With 112 senior Apartments situated on-site, health, wellness and fitness services will make an ideal fit. You will enjoy here a lively downtown address, including walking access to RiverWalk, which is part of the newly planned waterfront. On-site, appreciate ground level parking, shared common spaces with anticipated refreshment and cafe services, and optional low-cost storage. A national drug store is located across the parking lot. We offer large, contiguous working spaces for your employees. Work here and enjoy the building’s history as you reflect on its connection to Thunder Bay’s heritage!.

Habib Building

Look no further than at the Habib Building for office space to lease. The Habib Building represents one of our very first redevelopment projects: the old Dodick building. Our choice of location comes as no surprise given our commitment to preserving and renewing existing buildings. The rejuvenated spaces of this building now offer a modern design with a functional layout perfect for any professional office. Enjoy a great location on the edge of Thunder Bay’s South Core Business District. Contact us to inquire about becoming our neighbour!


CIBC Building

What would you do with a preserved building facade? Known as the Façade building on Victoria Avenue, the Canadian (Imperial) Bank of Commerce building was once a heritage building that burned down in 2007. The street-side façade is irreplaceable, and too beautiful to destroy. Now it remains, ready for a new interpretation. We view this project as a wonderful opportunity to develop in a way that both utilizes this historical façade and suits your needs. Please contact us, as we are more than happy to discuss ideas with you.

Plymouth Landing

Find spaces for light inductry use, flexible self-storage and warehouse or merchandise opportunities at Plymouth Landing. Here, you may store office records, excess furniture, large equipment or seasonal recreation vehicles within a secured location. The building is conveniently accessible by Kaministiquia River and by road, being minutes from the highway and just off of James Street. For more information, call 807.626.4433.