Habib Enterprises

Habib Building

If you own a business and are currently looking for office space to lease, look no further than at the Habib Building. Move here secure in the knowledge that established businesses are currently located here and thriving. This is the home of Habib Enterprises and Habib Architects Inc.

The Habib building is situated on-site of one of our very first redevelopment projects at Habib Enterprises. Our own choice of location comes as no surprise given our commitment to preserving and renewing existing buildings. Once known as the old Dodick building, this building has now been rejuvenated to offer a modern design with a functional layout perfect for any professional office.

Create the right environment for your business, clients and employees. While the building’s overall frame and structure have been maintained, its interior spaces have been completely renovated and renewed. Bright wood, colourful and exposed pipes, fresh paint and a combination of natural and artificial lighting create spacious, well-lit working spaces.

Encourage a business culture that is reflective of your working environment. All our offices and boardrooms have large interior windows that create a sense of openness and facilitate team dynamics, but are sufficiently soundproofed.

Enjoy a great location on the edge of Thunder Bay’s South Core Business District. The building is situated prominently at the corner between East Victoria Avenue and Marks Street South. Its wooden exterior elements (signature of Architect Ahsanul Habib) provide a landmark by which to identify the new location of your business. Your business will further benefit from this neighbourhood’s great traffic flow.

Contact us to inquire about becoming our neighbour!